Jean Monnet Papers

Asteris Huliaras and Nikos Zaharis, Greece and the EU Structural Funds (1981-2018): The Rise of Commercial Consultants, Jean Monnet Paper 23/2020 (forthcoming)


Stelios Stavridis, Culture and geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean: Greek parliamentary diplomacy and the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association, Jean Monnet Paper 22/2020.

JM 21

Nikolaos Lampas, Assessing the Impact ofTurkish Refugee Flows on the EU-Turkey Agreement, Jean Monnet Paper 21/2019 (EU-Middle East Studies).

JM 20

Iris de Leede, Jihadi brides: What you see is what you get? The portrayal of female foreign fighters in the French and Dutch media, Jean Monnet Paper 20/2019 (EU-Middle East Studies).

EXOFILLO 19 ctc-1

Asteris Huliaras and Sophia Kalantzakos, Rethinking the Collapse of the first East African Community (1967-77): Lessons for the EUJean Monnet Paper 19/2019.


Panagiotis Liargovas and Stavroula Kratimenou, When does fiscal austerity work ? Evidence from the EUJean Monnet Paper 18 / 2018.


Sotiris Mitralexis, Clergy Wages in Greece – and their Correlation to Church Assets: Overview, Facts, and Proposals for Future DevelopmentsJean Monnet Paper 17 / 2017.


Costas Stampolas and Alexandra Tragaki, Migrant Economic Activity in Europe: Migrant Entrepreneurs in the Wider Athens Area, Jean Monnet Paper 16 / 2017.


Sophia Kalantzakos, A Paradox in Today’s Europe ? Greece’s Response to the Syrian Refugee CrisisJean Monnet Paper 15 / 2017.


Anastasis Valvis, Water Scarcity: Source of interstate conflict or opportunity for cooperation ?, Jean Monnet Paper 14 / 2016.

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